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Our company Norco Electric is a full-service electrical contractor based in Mamaroneck, NY. We serve the surrounding cities with a wide range of electrical services, including reinspections.

What is a reinspection?

A reinspection is an inspection that is required by the building department in order to sign off on certain things. This could be anything from the installation of a new electrical panel to the completion of a home renovation.

Why do I need a reinspection?

In order to ensure that all electrical work is up to code and safe, the building department may require a reinspection. This is to ensure that the work meets all the necessary requirements and that there are no safety hazards.

Electrical systems are complex and vital parts of any property. Over time, even the best systems may experience issues or require upgrades to remain safe and efficient. Regular reinspections are essential to maintain the health of your electrical system. Norco Electric Corp. offers professional reinspection services, ensuring your system is always up to the task.

Maintaining Your Electrical System’s Health

Since 1968, Norco Electric Corp. has been a trusted provider of electrical services in Westchester County, NY. Our team has the knowledge and expertise to thoroughly inspect electrical systems, identifying any potential issues or areas for improvement.

Comprehensive Reinspection Services

Whether you’re preparing for a property sale, have recently completed construction, or simply want peace of mind, our reinspection services can help. We’ll thoroughly review your electrical system and provide clear, detailed feedback on its condition.

Our reinspection services include:

  • Thorough System Review: We’ll inspect every part of your electrical system, from wiring and circuits to outlets and switches, looking for any signs of damage, wear, or potential issues.
  • Code Compliance: We’ll ensure your system is fully compliant with local codes and industry standards, helping you avoid fines and potential safety issues.
  • Detailed Reporting: After our inspection, we’ll provide a detailed report outlining our findings. We’ll clearly explain any issues we’ve identified and provide recommendations for repairs or upgrades.

Why Choose Norco Electric Corp. for Reinspections

When you choose Norco Electric Corp. for your reinspection needs, you’re trusting your electrical system to a team with decades of experience. We’re committed to delivering thorough, accurate inspections that provide the information you need to make informed decisions about your electrical system.

We believe in clear, transparent communication, ensuring you understand our findings and recommendations. We respect your property, keeping our work area clean and tidy.

If you’re in need of a professional electrical system reinspection, don’t hesitate to contact Norco Electric Corp. today. Our team is ready to provide the services you need to ensure your electrical system is safe, efficient, and ready for whatever comes its way.

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